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Get the skills & support you need to change children’s lives through play

(in a world that’s forgotten how to)

Play: it’s simple. Yet oh-so complicated

When you look at a child, there’s no doubt in your mind:
they’re built for play.

Those inquiring minds and little fingers were made for exploring, creating, investigating and mess-making...

And the latest in brain science agrees.

When it comes to learning, play is the natural language of every child.


More specifically, it’s the status quo —

  • The piles of paperwork, the rigid milestones, your well-intentioned but time-poor peers who just don’t seem to “get” play…
  • The anxious parents who fear their child will fall behind if they don’t learn their ABC’s and 123’s at just the right time...
  • And the system at large that makes you doubt yourself and what you believe in your heart to be true...

When children are given opportunities to play,

they flourish before our eyes.

You want to give children more of the
wonder-led learning experiences they need and deserve.

The Wonder League will open
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Wonder League logo

helps you bring play-based,
wonder-led learning experiences to children without the friction.

The Wonder League

No matter your setting, and no matter your experience level, we give you the tools, the pathway, and the support you need to become a confident practitioner of play.

We do this in 3 key ways:



Great play begins with a great invitation. With The Wonder Box (included in your membership) you’ll receive new ideas to spark curiosity and exploration with your students every single month. We do all the heavy-lifting so you can bring the wonder — without the stress.



Because play doesn’t mean “winging it”. With our Play Activated Learning™ Pathways, you’ll learn how to deepen and troubleshoot your practice by meeting children exactly where they need you to. Take your next “right” step with total confidence, whether you’re new to play or a seasoned pro.



Never feel alone again. Hop on a monthly call to get your questions answered and connect with play-based practitioners from around the world. Plus, join our Founder, Sally Haughey, for quarterly deep-dive trainings on each of the 4 stages of The Play Activated Learning™ Pathways.

The Wonder League is for any play-based educator who needs a little extra...


You’re working harder than ever to give your students what they need. You want to feel supported without worrying that you’re taking shortcuts or not honoring the philosophy of the play-based approach. Let us help you with some of the heavy lifting so you can bring your energy and inspiration back to life.


The days are so busy that it feels like you’re barely scraping the surface of what’s possible with your students… and when you do, it seems like you’re the only one who notices. We see you — and we’ll help you create deep & meaningful learning experiences with your students (the kind that they will remember for the rest of their lives).


You love the play-based philosophy but putting it into practice feels messy and you constantly question if you’re doing it “right”. With a combination of the Play-Activated Learning™ Pathway, our extensive training library and our regular community calls, we’ll help you clear the clutter and focus on the next right step.


Practicing play is one thing — but the ability to articulate its power so that others see it and support it is another skill entirely. Fortunately, you’ll build this muscle inside The Wonder League. Become a better communicator and confidently explain the magic of your work to others… so they’ll never question “why aren’t there more worksheets?” again.


“This work has brought me to a place where I am certain that what I'm doing has value.”

“I realized that I really wasn't teaching anything with the approach I was using, and I had a problem with that. I felt like I had to somehow justify what I did during the day to parents, and I didn't have a lot of support within the groups I was a part of. The Wonder League took the mental block away so I could see beyond and expand.

Every single part of The Wonder League has so much value. There's not a specific map that you have to follow, you can go in whatever direction you want. You can be whatever you need to be.

The Wonder League has given me so much in this past year, not just in the hard parts of the pandemic but in validating what I already believed and practiced with the children I have been blessed to spend my days with. It has helped me find my professional voice again.”


The Wonder League will open
for enrollment again soon.

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