How to translate student gains in your play-based classroom into tangible wins that colleagues and parents
will understand and support

When: January 28 & 29, 2022
Where: Online & 100% free!

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Hey there, early childhood educator (and superhero in disguise)...

Ever feel like you’re doing this whole

play-based education thing


Even though you know in your heart that this approach is the best way to support the children in your care…

Even though play-based learning is scientifically-backed and developmentally appropriate…

Even though you pour so much time, energy and soul into your work…

Everyone around you seems to think you’re just having “fun” and winging it.

They don’t see the deep learning and connections that are forming in your classroom or atelier, every single day.

But you do:

  • So you’re constantly trying to convince others of the “why” behind your approach.
  • Or explaining to your peers why directing and interrupting students undermines everything you’ve worked so hard to create.
  • Or reassuring anxious parents that their child is exactly where they need to be… and wishing they did more to help support the process!

When others doubt you, it’s no surprise that you doubt yourself too.

“Am I really giving my students what they need?” is a question you wonder all too often…

So let’s fix that. For good.

In this free live masterclass, I’ll show you how.

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It’s time to stop playing in the dark — and shine a light on the magic
that is unfolding in your classroom

(even if you’re not sure where to look)

Join me for this brand-new live masterclass to infuse your teaching practice in 2022 with more:

  • CLARITY: quickly identify where each student is in their personal learning journey — and how to facilitate their next step through play
  • DEPTH: turn what you are noticing about each child’s interests and ideas into a pathway for deeper learning, growth and engagement
  • SUPPORT: answer questions from parents who worry that their child won’t progress like their peers without worksheets and homework
  • RESOURCES: help your coworkers understand why you work the way you do, the growth that is happening … and how they can support it!
  • RIGOR: connect the gains you’re seeing back to key milestones, standards and curriculum requirements (without spending hours on planning and reports)

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It’s free!

Meet your host & fellow explorer:

Sally Haughey, Founder of Fairy Dust Teaching & The Play-Activated Learning Pathways

(plus one big reason why you can’t miss this all-new masterclass!)

I created this masterclass for every play-based educator who has ever wondered if they truly belong in this field.

(No matter your experience, qualifications or setting: you do.)

It’s for the educators who want their professionalism and care to be recognized…

And who crave support to deepen their practice and build confidence in their approach. (We see you. And we’re here to help.)

It’s for every educator, parent and administrator who desperately wants the face of childhood education to change…

But questions whether they’re truly making a difference. (You are. More than you could ever know.)

This masterclass is the resource I WISH was available to me when I was at the frontlines of childhood education. So I made it for you.

And here’s why you can’t afford to miss it…

For the first time ever, I’ll be publicly presenting the Play Activated Learning Pathways™ I’ve developed — and how you can use them to demystify your play-based learning journey, without adding hours of planning and documentation to your plate.

Don’t let another year pass by without the clarity you need to practice play-based education with confidence…

And the language you need to rally understanding and support around your work.

So join me to make the magic visible together — and shine a light on what you and your students need to thrive in 2022 and beyond:

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